Our Vision

The Special Partnership Trust - a community which aspires together


Delivered by: An ambitious, inspirational partnership of outstanding learning.


Achieved by: An innovative, integrated Trust, with strong leadership at all levels, delivering outstanding educational outcomes and empowering pupils, parents and staff to strengthen our community even further.


The Special Partnership Trust collaborates to secure:

  • Exceptional Outcomes: all learning is outcome led promoting achievement, resilience, safety, wellbeing, aspiration and meaningful future destinations.
  • Strategic Leadership and Governance: securing outstanding provision.
  • Highest Standards: driven by aspirational targets leading to school improvement across the partnership.
  • Enriching Relationships: all stakeholders collaborating to enable every pupil to achieve their potential.
  • Strategic Use of Resources: pedagogic, research, systems, financial and capital.
  • An Inclusive Community: achieved through effective networking, school-to-school partnership and outreach.
  • Equality: in that, all partners are equal and accountable to the shared values of the partnership.


The SPT continues to develop partnerships set in a wider educational context, which reflect local, national and global opportunities and accountability. Whilst the recent RSC and DfE reviews indicate that the SPT is a ‘strong’ Trust, we all recognise that there is much to achieve before we can say that we are a sustained outstanding Trust.


A joint vision

The Special Partnership Trust ensures effective collaboration, developing and sustaining inspirational learning centres of outstanding provision. The partnership secures exceptional learning and outcomes for all, irrespective of the challenges they face. It is accountable for ensuring rigour to maintain high standards and achievement, through a challenging and relevant curriculum supported by outstanding teaching and specialist support. It is an equal partnership where dignity and respect are actively promoted to enable each and every person to develop as an active member of British society. 

Special Partnership Trust,
Registered in England and Wales: Company Number 7724160
Registered Address: Pencalenick School, St Clement, Truro, TR1 1TE
01872 520385 info@specialpartnership.org