The Special Partnership Trust

Defining the Special Partnership Trust
It is important to remember that the SPT is a single legal entity, working collectively for the benefit for all. The Trust has become a dynamic flexible organisation that evolves to ensure that it adds value to the learners and staff within the academies/ARBs in the Trust and contributes to the improvement of standards of teaching and learning for all children with additional needs in educational settings across the county and region.
The evolvement of the Trust is not static or one dimensional, it is evolutionary. The Special Partnership Trust is an open-minded Trust, which will consider all opportunities and act on them to ensure it continues to deliver the Trust's vision, values and ethos. Any discussion about the future of the Trust or potential opportunity must always refer to the ethos and vision of the Trust.

Special Partnership Trust,
Registered in England and Wales: Company Number 7724160
Registered Address: Pencalenick School, St Clement, Truro, TR1 1TE
01872 520385